On the north part of the Cebu island and in particular in the municipality of San Remigio. The Philippines has a population of 99 millions inhabitants and is ranked 114th on the human development index. The country is governed since Jully 2016 by Rodrigo Duterte whose politics, such as the reinstatement of death penalty and extrajudicial executions, are questionable. Currently, the country’s economic situation is further exacerbating malnutrition problems as around 28 million Filipinos are unable to afford the food needed to meet their nutritional and basic needs.


-Release a small group of individuals from abuse (caging, chaining, deprivation of care) and stigma with the help of drug solutions and a rehabilitation strategy.

-Inform the local population about alternatives to practices that violate human rights.

-Spread this modest action in the media and the specialized press with an aim to inspire similar actions on a larger scale.

Implementation & Budget

By a team made up :

  • a local psychiatrist, Dr Ratunil
  • a foreign psychiatrist chargé de missions ponctuelles, Dr Ricardo Angora
  • a social worker in San Remigio, Jericho Ursaiz ,
  • a liaison and communication officer, Rey Mangano.
  • a project coordinator, Scott Typaldos

CHF 15’000 en 2017 (€ 14’000) for the medical management of 15 to 20 patients, their social rehabilitation, and for the operating costs on site.