“The human rights situation remains a concern in Uzbekistan. Progress has been made since 2008 in some areas, including the abolition of the death penalty, the introduction of habeas corpus in legislation, and 2013 marked a significant improvement in child labour during the cotton harvest. In 2013, Uzbekistan committed to implement 145 of the 183 recommendations made to the country by the universal periodic review done within the framework of the Human Rights Committee in Geneva: the EU continues to voice its concerns and expectations, including the release of all human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience held in detention, the free activities of NGOs, the guarantee of freedom of expression and religion and freedom of the media. ” (excerpt from ‘France Diplomatie’) Facing high unemployment and a minimalist wage policy, thousands of Uzbeks seek to migrate to find a job. Half of the victims of trafficking that we repatriate from the Persian Gulf are from Uzbekistan.


– Facilitate, twice a year, a mission of our partner in the Persian Gulf to accelerate the identification and assistance to the Uzbek victims who are exploited there. Support victim follow-up service once they have returned to their country.

-Legal assistance to victims who have the courage to lodge a complaint against their executioner

-Local partner: Istiqbolli Avlod Association


  • Faciliter deux fois par an une mission de notre partenaire dans le Golfe persique afin d’accélérer l’identification et l’assistance aux victimes Ouzbèks qui y sont exploitées.
  • Soutenir le service de suites aux victimes une fois qu’elles ont regagné leur pays.
  • Assistance légale aux victimes ayant le courage de porter plainte contre leur bourreau
    Partenaire : l’association Istiqbolli Avlod