Among the people who organize this movement, each led by long experiences of mutual aid in a complex situation:


birth : 1949
function : co-founder of Vivere

born in 1949, co-founder of Vivere in 1999, worked for 14 years for at Terre des hommes (7 years in the field and 7 years as director of the foundation), 4 years at the direction of a French NGO for human rights and development, then 10 years of leadership of solidarity organizations acting in Switzerland, (asylum seekers and social assistance) in addition to numerous volunteer engagements in activating for human rights.


birth : 1953
function : doctor Vivere

born in 1953, doctor graduated in Public Health, practiced medicine for ten years in developing countries, rural and urban areas, in collaboration with Medicus Mundi Spain, Moroccan Public Health, then Terre des hommes. Her involvement with Tdh then allowed her to work for 2 years as a traveling delegate in the context of nutritional programs in West Africa, and 5 years in Lausanne as a medical consultant for the organization & head of the “Children’s Care” sector, taking care of children transferred for special care in Europe. Since 1995, is a clinical research assistant in the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology unit of the University Hospital of Lausanne; she is still extremely sensitive to the problems of struggling countries and their people who have taught her so much.


birth : 1977
function : Communication and Philippines project

born in 1977, graduated in film studies in 2000, photography professor for 5 years, permanent photographer of the documentary photography agency Prospekt (Milan) since 2013, specialized in the theme of psychiatric illness since 2011, also producing other photographic and cinematographic documentaries on various subjects.


birth : 1955
function : Treasurer

born in 1951, originally from La Brévine, then by marriage, from Clos du Doubs (JU). I attended my classes at La Chaux-de-Fonds, where I lived for 32 years. I did an accelerated apprenticeship as a secretary at Ecole Bénédicte and worked for a lawyer and notary for ten years, before having my two children. At Christmas 1983, we arrived with family in Prilly. I found a part-time job at the Prilly Social Security Department as of 01.04.1984, a position I left 32 years later to retire.


birth : 1965
function : international relationships of Vivere

British, born in 1965, educated in the UK but has lived in Switzerland since 1991 with periods of 2/3 years in Moscow and Stockholm. Qualified originally as a languages teacher (French and English) but has also worked as a translator and studied International Relations and Development Management. Married with four children, currently works as an English teacher for adults, but is also very involved in the international community in Vaud. Always been active in humanitarian work – and a firm believer in the need to give something back to society.