Vivere is a voluntary movement dedicated to fighting for human rights, in particular and most fundamentally, that of life itself.

Vivere supports the men and women who stand up to the people responsible for oppression and discrimination. These locally organized groups are capable of stopping the cycle of inequality and suffering which deny any chance of decent human development. Our organization is entirely voluntary and has no political affiliation, racial or religious bias.


The most serious humanitarian questions require fidelity and breath to those who claim to be attacking them. Vivere designs its actions in the long term, both in support of its partners and in the fight against causes.

Our projects


The strength of our team is based on volunteerism and voluntary contributions, which are conducive to small, pure and hard work. We welcome with enthusiasm all new good wishes.

Our mission


We have the permanent will to report, both progress and setbacks on the field, and the use of the resources entrusted to us and managed in the strictest economy.

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